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We meet regularly to explore the Scriptures and to understand what God is saying to each of us in this time and place.  All voices and viewpoints are welcome.  As Episcopalians, we are open to - and respectful of -  many different interpretations of our inherited Sacred Scriptures.  We simply enjoy learning from one another as we engage with the texts.

We meet in the Chapel, usually on Tuesday evenings at 7:07pm.  Check the bulletin to confirm dates in different seasons of the year.  Contact our Deacon Hailey McKeefry Delmas if you have questions: 

Now, in Jan/Feb of 2015, we are exploring the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas.  You are welcome to join us!

Selecting a Bible

Reading and studying the bible is essential not only for knowing the Christian story, but, more importantly, for making it one's own. We say that scripture is a "living text." This means that we come to it from wherever we are, and, even if we have heard it before, we can hear it anew each time.

Many translations and paraphrases of the bible exist in many languages. In the Episcopal Church, the translation used in worship is the New Revised Standard Version.
Other popular and scholarly translations include the New Jerusalem Version, the New American Bible, and the Revised English Bible.

A translation may be presented in a particular format, such as in a "study bible" or feature other particular resources. The Access Bible, available primarily with the NRSV translation, embeds notes within the text. Others, such as the Harper or Oxford Study Bibles have notes below the text.  They may also feature glossaries, concordances, maps, or other historical notes.

When selecting a bible, look at several different versions and think about how you like to read. Does the format fit your reading style? Do you want notes, or do you find them distracting?

If you have questions, please contact the clergy.

The Lectionary Page
Find the readings for Sunday (and feast day) worship here. It's a great way to prepare for worship, and/or to take Sunday worship with you throughout the week. At Epiphany, we use the Revised Common Lectionary (click on RSV on the date you are seeking)

Oremus (online bible-searchable by book, verse, snatches of a verse…)

Blue Letter Bible (another online searchable bible source)

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