Fellowship & Fun

  Fellowship & Fun  

At Epiphany, we take our fun seriously! We have many activities every month covering all interests and ages. Newcomers may want to check out the Foyer Groups: they are specifically intended to help you to meet people and learn about our activities. Some meetings occur on at Eastburn Hall (next to the church), some at people's homes, and many at specific locations. All of them are listed in the This Week at Epiphany newsletter and can be accessed through this site and the home page. And remember that, for all of our activities, the motto at Epiphany is "All are Welcome."

The Book Club

The Epiphany Book Club is a rather informal group of folks who like to read good books, love to eat home cooked food, and always enjoy talking about both. The club gets together roughly once a month during the year, but tends to take the summer months, and December, off. Each meeting begins with wine, then grace and dinner, followed by a lively discussion and critique about the current book. As the discussion winds down there is a vote to determine the next title. Generally there is a balance of fiction and non fiction selections during the year.

Occasionally there are special events, like a a trip to the theater when a previous selection has been made into a movie.


Epiphany seems to attract amateur atheletes! We have a wide variety of sporting and atheletic events each year, usually organized informally. These include running, bicycling, camping, hiking, climbing, and more.  Epiphany walkers also participate annually in the NAMI walk and monthy in our Holy Hikers hiking group.


Foyer Groups

Foyer Dinner Groups are a great way to get better acquainted with the Epiphany parish family.  For those of you who have not participated before, Foyer Group participants are randomly assigned to a group of 8 to 10 parishioners, who get together over the course of the year for food, fun and fellowship.

Once the groups are formed, each group become autonomous.  Each group selects the date and places for its events, with responsibility for hosting as determined by each group.  Some groups may try and get together monthly, while others select a less frequent meeting schedule.  Groups may meet in members’ homes for a casual meal, or get together at restaurants, the parish hall, or any other venue the group selects.  For meals in the home, each host is usually responsible for the main course, with other group members supplying the appetizer, vegetable, salad or dessert.  In the past, groups also have met for breakfast, brunch or lunch, or just for coffee and dessert.

If you have children you would like to include in the Foyer Group experience, let me know when you sign up, as there will be at least one Kid-Friendly Foyer.

This year, if there is sufficient interest, we also will try and organize one Daytime Foyer for those who do not wish to go out in the evenings.

The Foyer Group sign-ups for this year will begin on Sunday, August 26th and will continue through Sunday, September 22nd. After that, the make-up of the groups will be announced.  There are three ways to sign up or to ask questions without commitment :

  • In person, each August there is a sign-up table just outside the church after both the 8:00 service and the 10:00 service.  All other Sundays through September 22nd there will be a sign-up table after the 10:00 service.

  •  E-mail June at  curtis.june@gmail.com. When you send your e-mail be sure and let her know if you’re interested in the Kid-Friendly Foyer or the Daytime Foyer.

  • By Phone  Feel free to call  908-334-8416  Please join us!