Easter CrossEaster is a very special time at Epiphany.  This year, after renewing our baptismal vows, the children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with a very special visitor.  Click here to view the gallery of our Easter celebration.

Our church year begins with Advent.  Each year we celebrate the first Sunday of advent with wreath making in the parish hall.

Advent wreath making in the parish hall

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without snow.  Because we are located in the sunny Silicon Valley, we imported some to give the children a special treat!  


Everyone is family at Epiphany and even the animals get in on the act. During the feast of Saint Francis, pets of all kinds join us to celebrate the blessings they bring to our lives.  We meet outside the sanctuary for individual blessings  and then proceed inside for the service.
Blessing of the Animals, Feast of St. Francis