Altar Guild

  Altar Guild  

Altar Guild:
The Quiet Ministry

"Do this in remembrance of me."

"The duty of the Altar Guild is to prepare all the things necessary for the celebration of the Eucharist or other sacraments and offices of the church. The preparations are done in a manner so that any service many be conducted in decency, order, and beauty for the worship of Almighty God and his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord." 

(From The complete Training Course for Altar Guilds by B. Don Taylor)

Preparing the Table

Altar Guild work is a gift to God. Just as we carefully prepare our homes for an important visitor, we are doing the same diligent and careful preparation for Christ at His altar.

At Epiphany, Altar Guild members work in teams, each team serving approximately every five weeks, setting up on Saturday and cleaning up on Sunday. Our duties include insuring proper liturgical colors for all vestments and hangings, preparing the Communion vessels for all services and for the shut-in visitation kits, setting up the altar, laundering and ironing all linens, dusting and vacuuming. We oversee the items used in worship such as the supplies of wine, pita bread, candles, and flowers.  There are also special tasks associated with holidays, baptisms, wedding, funerals and memorial services.

The Altar Guild is a quiet ministry and always behind the scenes. It appeals to those who enjoy being in the sanctuary on a quiet morning with the sun streaming through the stained glass windows while working with a great team of Epiphany women.

For more information on making a donation towards Altar Flowers please click here.

For more information, contact one of our Co-Directors: 
Nancy Newman or Starmie Taylor.

Is Altar Guild For You?

Altar Guild may be for you if:

  • You would like to serve in a very quiet, yet important way.

  • You don't mind performing a function that is rarely noticed except when it is not done!

  • You are only available a few hours each month.

  • You want to be involved, but don't feel comfortable "up front."

  • You like to set the stage for important events.

  • You would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the elements and symbolism of our liturgy.

Our altar flowers are provided through the generosity of our members. A donation to the flower fund is a beautiful way to celebrate a special event or honor loved ones. If you are interested in donating alter flowers, enter an amount and click the donate button.   Register your memorial and date at SignUpGenius.  Thank you.